The Falls of Clyde - the Iron Hull


Two sets of Bilge Pumps where made, one in 1/96th scale for the model, and a second set at double the size - 48th scale - to see/show how they worked.  All the parts were machined from brass, and put together with silver solder, excepting for the cam shaft for the working model, this being made from stainless steel tube.  The Pumps for the model, were assembled with soft solder and bolted to the deck.  The cams for the working model were made  by good friend  Jeff Potter on his CNC machine, as I could not find a more accurate way to make them by hand - how they could make these in the 1860s is still a mystery to all I have spoken too on the subject. Each cam is first assembled with it’s frame and bucket to the cam shaft and located with a key. Only when all are assembled together with flywheel and frames, can the buckets be assembled into their cylinders.

Jeff Potter  -