The Falls of Clyde - the Iron Hull


The Main Hatch is fabricated from brass plate, angle & moulding silver soldered together, then soft soldered between the cut beams, together with additional angle brackets to replace the cut section. The masts  plates are formed between matched dies made from aluminium. The male one also being used to assemble the mast plates, together with aluminium rings.  The parts previously tinned where required - assembled, then the joints heated to fuse them together.  Phyllis is here used as a guide to asses the size and position of the mast fittings.  The ring of mast wedges, used to set and fix the masts in place, is in the model represented as a turned boxwood ring, fitted inside a riveted (soldered) mast ring at each deck level and at the foot of the masts - it being turned with a small step at the top, to sit on the ring, while the lower section passes between the ring and the mast.