The Falls of Clyde - the Iron Hull


Extensions to the Keelson, Intercoastal Side Keelsons, Bilge Keelsons, Bilge Stringers and Deck Stringers are made and fitted to the 10 frames at each end of the centre section of the hull.  All of the parts are first tinned at the points of contact with soft solder.  Then with a little flux between and held in place with the tip of the carbon rod, a foot switch is switched on just sufficient to heat the tip to melt the solder between the joints.  Where the deck stringers join with other plates a butt joint is made. Each of these is held together with a butt plate provided with the requisite number of rivet heads and soft soldered to the underside at the point of the join.  Note the underside of the deck at the main mast of the Falls of Clyde, showing the deck stringers coming together.