The Falls of Clyde - the Iron Hull


A machine designed to place two rivet heads  0.062” (6”) apart at 0.25” (24”) intervals alone the inside of the angle iron (brass) for assembling the Centre Keelson, Bilge Keelson, Bilge and side stringers to the ships frames. The machine is made as an accessory to the Single Rivet Head Maker.  The single pin being replaced with a two pronged pin, the points being placed 0.062” apart.  In use the clamp at the end (left) of the notched bar holds the angle brass firmly in place, while the theft thumb operates the large button at the front to index the brass angle under the two pronged pin to form two rivet heads. This is done by pressing the lever with the right thumb at the rear of the machine.   Also shown in use is an aluminium two part jig for assembling the first of the ships plates, the Garboard Strake to the bar keel with soft solder as the start of assembling the ships hull.