The Falls of Clyde - the Iron Hull


The Falls of Clyde built in 1878 by Russells of Glasgow. The subject of the project is a multi frame centre section in a scale of 1/8” to one foot, to show the construction of an iron ship - rivet, plate & frame.  Here we start with  the making of the the first tool, a multiple rivet head maker, for plate and frame angle.  The material used is a very high grade of aluminium. The photo of Jock the riveter, is not of the Falls of Clyde, that had countersunk flush riveting on the out side plating - but to illustrate how an iron ship was put together - in this case probably the hull of an iron steam ship with round head rivets.

The painting of the Falls of Clyde approaching Cape Town in 1881, is by David C. Bell B.A. (hons)

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