The Falls of Clyde - 1878


The frame and base are made from a plank of Iroko timber which is carved to give the appearance of a ripple from a light breeze on a calm sea. The centre being removed to take the hull of the ship.  It then had the grain filled with a mixture of talc powder, rubbed in with a cloth dipped in a mixture of white wood glue and water, with a spot of mahogany water stain added.  When dry, it was lightly sanded and painted with a clear yacht varnish.  The turtle back to the Poop, was formed in sheet copper, by crimping one edge, and hammering the humps down on a hard wood pattern, after first softening the copper, by annealing it. The deck houses and fittings are fabricated in sheet brass and fine brass angle over a hard wood core, that is provided at the base with a plug to fit an appropriate opening in the main deck of the hull to locate it in position.