Duesenbergs in my life

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After about 15 years on the factory floor as a lathe operator, not long after leaving school, and having been promoted to take charge of a night shift of about 30 machinists at one time, I decided that there was little future in this for the long term for me.  The only thing that I was really happy with was making models,  the subject was of little importance at that time I just liked making things.  So I decided to seek out a dealer in such things and ask him what was in demand in the modelling field.  He mentioned a couple of subjects one of which was model cars,  I knew little about them but it sounded interesting, so I started to consult books to see if there was anything that turned my fancy,  And there I found it, a 1934 ‘SJ’ Duesenberg.  I had never heard of such a make, but it most certainly struck a cord with me.  The car in fact was a sister car to the one in photo’s 31 to 36.  It was some twenty five Duesenbergs down the line and thirty five years before I eventually met her face to face, where it just happened to be part of a collection that we were visiting to photograph a 2.9 Alfa Romeo.  It was seeing the photo’ of that Duesenberg that started me on building model cars some 45 years ago.

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