A day out in the Lincolnshire countryside with the Weinberger Bugatti Type 41 Royale, built by Gerald A. & Phyllis Wingrove in their Digby, Lincolnshire workshop. The body of this Bugatti Type 41 was designed by Ludwig Weinberger in 1931.  During my research to find out how it was originally fitted out I made contact with him in Germany and we corresponded regularly for about two years. His memory was quite good on the car, but one of the points he did make, that subsequently turned out to be incorrect,  was that it was originally fitted with an ivory steering wheel rim.  The gear change knob and dash controls are in ivory, but  the rim of the steering wheel never was, as is evidenced from the very early photos that have since come to light.  Unfortunately I had already completed the first two models with a (real) ivory steering wheel rim, later models had the correct polished hardwood rims. A full set of scale plan of the engine, chassis and bodywork of this car are available in the back of the reprint of my book,’Complete Car Modeller-2’  See the ‘Books” section for more information.


 Bugatti’s in my life