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January 2018

A happy, healthy, prosperous and productive new Year to you all - may all of your projects flourish and progress in the year just starting.

One Project in particular that did just that in 2017, I have had the pleasure of adding to the  ‘Model Makers Showcase’  and it can be seen here.

This is the 1938 2.9 Alfa Romeo, Berlinetta and was created by Jens Andersen from Denmark.  This from data taken from the actual car, together with a set of 2.9 Alfa Romeo engine and chassis plans.  Scale and construction follows the techniques promoted on this web site, and and well illustrate what excellent work can be produced from them.  You do not need 1/8th or 1/12 scale to capture all the detail and the character of the original, and with less materials to purchase, save money into the bargain.  The other big advantage of course, is that you can place two 1/15th scale models in the same area occupied by a single 1/8th scale creation, and so build up an interesting collection with out having to move house.  See my own Alfa Romeo collection  -below - in 1/15th scale,  all with full engine and chassis detail, and all bolts represented, opening doors and hood and working door and hood catches.  In 1/8th scale they would need a good size room to display, where-as, these can shown to perfection on one shelf of a single glass case.

The first in the front row will be recognised as the P3 Alfa Romeo and is in fact the one being completed in the Current Project this month.  Note that the one missing from the line up of out standing Alfa Romeo’s of this period, is the 1938 2.9 Berlinetta.  Rest assured that in due time it will be added to the line up and the construction covered in full on this web site. 

The car that I collected data from being on chassis 412036, the 1947 MM winner.  For those not familiar with the story, the race that year was for non supercharged cars.  This being just after the end of World War 2, and Alfa Romeo not being back on it’s feet again, removed the superchargers from 412036 - a nine year old car at the time and entered it in for the 1947 Mille Miglia - and it arrived home first to win the race.

As will be noted below, should you be creating miniatures - of any subject - using the techniques and information and insperation from this web site and or my books, there could be a place for your work in my ‘Model Makers Showcase’  to show the world - if it can be an insperation to others of like mind.


An After Sales Service to my book readers
Should you have found inspiration, ideas, or just picked up new techniques from my books, plans, and/or web site Galleries, and have photos of your work built as a result, and would like to give me the honor of showing them to others here, please drop me a line, and I will let you know how to proceed.
NOTE - Very poor photo copies of some of my books (among a number of others) have been sold on eBay as originals, and eBay, up to this point in time, are protecting the criminals, even though they have ample evidence of my copyright infringement. Should any one have had dealings with- Nicholas Thomas alias - phantomoftheauction09 - and/or  Michael Thomas alias plaininspain9 - or anyone else passing off fake copies of my books, I would be most pleased to hear from them.  eBay UK have now removed both of the above individuals, from their web site, but will not, as yet, provide me with the details I need to put them permanently out of business.  Until they do my advice is DO NOT SHOP FOR BOOKS ON eBAY-UK - Go to AMAZON and get satisfaction.

I am often asked about the availability of plans.  The following web sites have been brought to my attention, and I am pleased to pass them on here. Some of my own plans are available in my books.  For details, click on the ‘Books’ button on the ‘Home Page’

<,_Forecastle_Deck,_Main_Deck,_Main_Deck_Structural,_Tween_Deck,_Tween_Deck_Structural_-_Ship_BALCLUTHA,_2905_Hyde_Street_Pier,_HAER_CAL,38-SANFRA,200-_(sheet_4_of_69).png#filehistory > ../Model_Makers_Showcase/Gallery-4.html../Model_Makers_Showcase/Introduction.html,_Forecastle_Deck,_Main_Deck,_Main_Deck_Structural,_Tween_Deck,_Tween_Deck_Structural_-_Ship_BALCLUTHA,_2905_Hyde_Street_Pier,_HAER_CAL,38-SANFRA,200-_(sheet_4_of_69).png#filehistory,_Forecastle_Deck,_Main_Deck,_Main_Deck_Structural,_Tween_Deck,_Tween_Deck_Structural_-_Ship_BALCLUTHA,_2905_Hyde_Street_Pier,_HAER_CAL,38-SANFRA,200-_(sheet_4_of_69).png#filehistory,_Forecastle_Deck,_Main_Deck,_Main_Deck_Structural,_Tween_Deck,_Tween_Deck_Structural_-_Ship_BALCLUTHA,_2905_Hyde_Street_Pier,_HAER_CAL,38-SANFRA,200-_(sheet_4_of_69).png#filehistory