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EasySpace and my experience

Should you be looking for a hosting company to provide hosting facilities for your web site, then BE WARNED, that should you be considering  ‘’,  now also calling it’s self  ‘’  and  ‘’ with the parent company of ‘iomart.plc’, you may get more than you bargained for.  You probably will not be aware of what is going on - all in the background and out of sight, it was apparently almost a year before I discovered it, and it was only by a slip up somewhere down the line that I ever did see it, which I was of course not meant to do - a secret you know, in the background, just in case you might ask for a slice of the cake.

All was going well in loading this web sit up to the www. when lo-and-behold an ADVERTISEMENT appeared - when I clicked on the newly installed photo on the then ‘Current Project’ page. see below, and observe that the web address is to ‘Gallery-10’ of MY web site - so how-come, I am advertising other peoples products?  It stayed in place and was visible to me, over my new own update from the 27th of February until the 2nd of March, when I complained of the HIGHJACKING to EASYSPACE - then hosting my web site, I was assured that it was (their) normal practice and NO I would not get any compensation as a share of the take 

It appears that it was their practice to SELL ‘YOUR’ web address to ADVERTISE other peoples products, and charging YOU for the privilege.  It may be just a coincidence that the advertising is to do with cars and not fish and chips.  To add insult to injury, when I attempted to remove MY domain to another hosting company, they changed me £18.00 before letting me go.  I had a second domain with ‘Hover’ in the USA, who charge nothing when I left them, to put all my parts together under one roof.  Incidentally the charge for registering my 2 domains with the new company was £5.76. each and to host my web site just £39.57 - EASYSPACE charged £106.64 for the same service - My new hosting company is www.powerhosting.bizwith excellent help in English and a saving of 108,50 Euros a year - Thank you EasySpace.

I do not mind advertising Honda CR-V's, I currently drive one, my third, but I do object to doing it for nothing, when EasySpace is putting the money into it's own pocket, and presumably that of it's parent company ‘iomart.plc’.