Minnie Flossie (1880) 


Minnie Flossie  - Coasting Ketch - built in 1880 in Bideford - a 1/8th scale scratch built model, fully planked  with pear and box wood on a sold hard wood hull built in about 1967 from original builders plans.  All rigging spun on a rope walk in fine nylon .001” diameter, to Lloyds register dimensions.  The case and base are in polished mahogany and the stands in turned ivory. The model, who’s location had been unknown for almost 40 years was recently found in an antique shop, and photographed by the new owner for this Gallery.  The condition is near perfect, with just one rope out of place and a link in the anchor chain broken. The model is signed Gerald A. Wingrove.

Size -  Length of hull with bowsprit  11 inch  -  Base to top of Main Mast    11 - 1/4 inches

Width of Hull at main mast  2 - 1/4 inches  - Base 19- 7/8 X 7 inches - Case 18 -9/16 X 6 -1/4 X 13”