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January 2019

I wish you all a happy healthy & wealthy 2019   -   As will be seen in the Current Project, I have now turned my attention to the base for the model  This may seem strange to some model makers, as the hull is no where near completed, in fact it has only just been started.  However as I have remarked earlier, my way of creating this work is to feel my way through it, and to do that I need from time to time, to advance several stages, and then work back to fill in the missing parts.

My subjects have a character and it is this that I am trying to capture.  I have visited the Falls of Clyde four times, I have stood on her decks and at the wheel - the first time shortly after her restoration, when in all her glory, all be it much changed from her original configuration.  I have been researcher her for 40 years and probably know more about her than any man alive today.  I have a full size copy of her board room portrait from her days with the original owners, and have commissioned a painting of her in her best sailing position, all sails set - it is all of this that I aim to put into this creation, to bring it to life. 

To do this I need to see things about her, that will help me decide what is important and what is less so - The art of my form of model engineering as I see it, is to fool the eye that the brain will see things that are not there.  Hopefully when you look at some of the cars on this web site, you will not be sure if you are looking at the real car or a  miniature - this to me is the art of the model maker.

I have seen many waterline models and in most cases the sea/water has been painted to represent what the author thought would look like the sea at that time.  This I feel, and it is a personal view, is OK for a flat painting done with brush on canvas, but I have never been convinced that I am looking at WATER/sea on any of them for a model in three dimensions.  One needs to trick the mind and a wet water look is the first point to aim for.  One is looking at a model at one time, and at the real ship at a distance at another time, or I would hope too. To show a painted sea is to give too much information to the mind, it cannot see water in a painted sea, so will not imagine it.

With the carved and highly varnished wood base that I have created, when caught by a bright light the sparkle and reflections bring to the mind water, and if there is a ship on it, the sea, even close inspection, because of the high gloss, the grain of the wood, has the impression that it is far below the surface, the mind thinks it is wet, it looks exactly like water, this is the first thought, the second being that it is polished wood - but it is the first thought that sets the stage.

Water can be any colour as well as cloudy or transparent, so the point that this is in fact the colour of polished wood does not seem to bring the eye back to reality as one would expect - and to shine a light onto it, and move it slightly, to give a moving watery reflection on the hull, is even more convincing that this is water and not polished wood.

With the basic hull set into the wet base I can now feel that I am recreating the Falls of Clyde in miniature, as she was at the time of her launch in 1878.  The feeling that I am after can be seen in this original photograph, thought to be of her in her final days before being sold to the Matson Line, at anchor in calm waters, just off from the city of San Francisco.

The hull can be removed from the base for working on as we will see as we proceed, but after each days or weeks work, I sit her back in the watery base, to see her as a ship and not a model and with nothing out of proportion to upset the illusion.

The name plate is a reproduction in miniature of the builders plate affixed to the full size ship, which I think is original, or I have been told so.


                                                                                                                                                                               The model as of December 2018

If you wish to help save the old lady monetarily or otherwise, drop a line to < > they will be pleased to hear from you - Remember she was 140 years old on the 12th of December - too good to lose at this late hour, she must be saved and brought back to her birth place in Glasgow and not sunk as a divers wreck off Honolulu.


An After Sales Service to my book readers

Should you have found inspiration, ideas, or just picked up new techniques from my books, plans, and/or web site Galleries, and have photos of your work built as a result, and would like to give me the honor of showing them to others here, please drop me a line, and I will let you know how to proceed.


NOTE - Very poor photo copies of some of my books (among a number of others) have been sold on eBay as originals, and eBay, up to this point in time, are protecting the criminals, even though they have ample evidence of my copyright infringement. Should any one have had dealings with- Nicholas Thomas alias - phantomoftheauction09 - and/or  Michael Thomas alias plaininspain9 - or anyone else passing off fake copies of my books, I would be most pleased to hear from them.  eBay UK have now removed both of the above individuals, from their web site, but will not, as yet, provide me with the details I need to put them permanently out of business.  Until they do my advice is DO NOT SHOP FOR BOOKS ON eBAY-UK - Go to AMAZON and get satisfaction.


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