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November 2018

In all of my model making I start with no plan of action other than to find a logical place to start.  With the car models it was the wheels and tyres, from there the axles, chassis and so on.  It is important to me, for the subject to tell me what to do, and to assist in that I like to find some way of moving beyond myself, several steps in front, that will help me find the way there to that point. 

So with the ship model I needed a block of wood to start the hull, this was marked out and profiled to shape, blocks made for the Forecastle and the Poop and doweled to the basic hull shape, and all the frames marked up.  Looking at this my creative mind can start to work.  The obvious next step is to round the corner - or rather to shape the Stem and the Stern, this was done with a normal set of wood working chisels and gouged.

I now had a block of wood resembling a ships hull, but this was a sailing ship, so to keep that in mind I cut up some doweling and placed it in the appropriate and accurately placed holes to represent the four stub Masts with Bowsprit and Jib-boom, together with blocks representing the two deck houses.

From this point I can now see the Falls of Clyde in miniature, a sort of the equivalent to a sketch on paper, but in three dimensions.  From here I can see what is needed to complete the picture, the basics are in place, just fill in the detail.

As we progress through the Current Project, we will do just that.  As I stated at the start, I have no plan of action, and leave the model to tell me where to look for the next move, i.e. what next to make, for where and how.  It is only looking at what I have, that I can see what I need, this is of necessity a blinkered view, as one might ask, looking at a full size anything where on earth can you start. 

With this subject I have already started, and moved forward, then came to a stop at the Bulwarks.  Here the model compared with the data available - the plain piece of thin wood in place representing the Bulwarks illustrated the next step, to fill in the detail.  However it also showed what the detail was and prompted the thought as to how to paint it as it would be require, all 156  tiny rectangles of white each framed with borders of Mast colour.  This then prompted the thought that I could make it this way as a single item and sort out the painting later, or that way, to make it in such a way, that separated the mast coloured frames from the white background, so elimination the troublesome painting of all those rectangles.  In doing this the actual construction of the Bulwarks revealed its self.  To test such things out I make up a sample to see if my first thought from the revelation will actually work, and as can be seen in this case, they work out perfectly.

Scratch building is building in stages, there are no instruction, you start somewhere and move forward, and sometimes backwards to make up for what was forgotten.  It is not as frightening as some think, as the work in progress will always show the next step forward, your abilities and tools available will then tell you either this way or that way is a possibility, then you try it and learn, learn learn.  At 84 I am still learning.


An After Sales Service to my book readers

Should you have found inspiration, ideas, or just picked up new techniques from my books, plans, and/or web site Galleries, and have photos of your work built as a result, and would like to give me the honor of showing them to others here, please drop me a line, and I will let you know how to proceed.


NOTE - Very poor photo copies of some of my books (among a number of others) have been sold on eBay as originals, and eBay, up to this point in time, are protecting the criminals, even though they have ample evidence of my copyright infringement. Should any one have had dealings with- Nicholas Thomas alias - phantomoftheauction09 - and/or  Michael Thomas alias plaininspain9 - or anyone else passing off fake copies of my books, I would be most pleased to hear from them.  eBay UK have now removed both of the above individuals, from their web site, but will not, as yet, provide me with the details I need to put them permanently out of business.  Until they do my advice is DO NOT SHOP FOR BOOKS ON eBAY-UK - Go to AMAZON and get satisfaction.


I am often asked about the availability of plans.  The following web sites have been brought to my attention, and I am pleased to pass them on here. Some of my own plans are available in my books.  For details, click on the ‘Books’ button on the ‘Home Page’



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