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December 2018

The core of the hull is hardwood, so we now come to the brass sheet to cover the out side, to represent the iron plating of the original.  My starting point is the Bulwarks, it is the length of the main deck and has a host of fittings, so is a major part of the hull in this type of waterline model.  I started with the machined moulding forming the Scuppers, hull moulding and an  upright to which can be attached the Bulwark side plating.  However before I got to that stage I needed to find some way of attaching the Bulwark to the hull, in such a way that it could be removed for adding fittings and painting - recall all those tiny white rectangles along the inside.  To do this it needed to be bolted to the hull, wood screws could have been used, but I could foresee it having to be removed several times, so turned up 14 short brass blanks of sufficient diameter and generous proportions  and set them into the wooden hull core with epoxy glue, to be later drilled and tapped.  The basic brass Scuppers moulding, machined in three parts per-side was silver solider together to form the two lengths needed, then had small brass tags silver soldered to the underside at equal stages along there length, severn per side.  for attaching to the main hull inserts.

The plating for the hull, is .010” brass sheet, slightly thicker than scale but thin enough to work with, thinner than that and one would have big problems further down the line, with the Bulwark fittings.  A special cutting tool from my car modelling came in useful here, as it would be very difficult to cut this material as required with snips, as straight edges are essential with no distortions. This is used to form a tight ‘V’ groove on each side of the brass sheet with the aid of a straight edge, at what point the strips can be separated out.  To obtain the  sheer curve to the plating, place the strip on a hard metal surface and tap along one edge with the flat pane of a small hammer, the best being the Repouse hammer as it is light with a large surface.  It will be found to turn the brass strip, a very light tapping along the full length will make the form required, if not it can be taken back, by tapping the opposite edge.

In the final assembly the hull plating is soldered together and resined to the full and the Poop plating, but not to the Scuppers moulding or the Forecastle moulding, the plating being just slotted into these at this time.  The Bulwark assemblies are located to the Poop side plating and the Forecastle, by way of a short tung at each end, together with locating dowel pins at each end of the mouldings top and bottom.  To remove the Bulwarks for further work, first the Forecastle is slid forward, then the Bulwarks are unscrewed and disengaged from the Poop and lifted out.

For further  interest, I attach a shot of the hull at a later stage with most of the deck fittings in place, but no deck planking as yet - still much work to do.   If you wish to help save the old lady monetarily or otherwise, drop a line to < > they will be pleased to hear from you - Remember she will be 140 years old on the 12th of December -too good to lose at this late hour, she must be saved and brought back to her birth place in Glasgow and not sunk as a divers wreck off Honolulu.


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